DBSV Book Launch Program 2022

DBSV proudly launched book “‘NEPALESE WOMEN’S TALES OF RESILIENCE’ on 10 December 2022 at Glenroy Community Hub.

‘Nepalese Women’s Tales of Resilience’ is a book that aims to collect and share intimate stories of adversity, resilience and growth of Nepalese immigrant women in Australia. The concept of the book emerged during 2021’s 16 days of campaigns against gender-based violence. During the event ‘Knitting- The New Me’, women who participated in the project shared their stories as a part of knitting and connecting. Then that took us on to the next step: publishing the book. The concept and purpose were formed and finalised. The purpose of this book is to explore and share the life stories and experiences of Nepalese immigrant women and their resilience in Australia. The book also intended to highlight immigrant women’s experiences of both marginalization, struggle, isolation, racism, adversity, and their courage, the unique resilience, strength, hope, inspiration, and resourcefulness that helped them to overcome the situation, to claim their place and to live a meaningful life.

Feedback was taken from the following guests who attended the event:

• Hon. Natalie Hutchins – MP, Minister for Education, Minister for Women (Chief
• Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission
(Guest of Honor)
• Kathleen Matthews-Ward MP – Broadmeadows
• Cr Mark Riley, Merri Bek City Councillor
• Cr Sue Bolton, Merribek City Councillor
• Cr Monica Harte, Merribek City Councillor
• Graeme Kent, Director – Aussie Action Abroad
• Jenni Smith, CEO- Northern Legal Community Centre and
• Pherina Tuaiti, Torres Strait Islander Community Leader

The guests were interviewed by DBSV EC member Barsha KC Rajbhandary and video was recorded and edited by Dr. Tilak Pokharel.

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