DBSV organized the book launch program ‘Nepalese Women’s Tales of Resilience’. The event was organized at Glenroy Community Hub on the 10th of December 2022. An enthusiastic crowd of more than 50 amazing people including invited honourable guests, respectable community leaders and beloved DBSV committee members and volunteers (from the DBSV youth project) gathered together in great anticipation to celebrate and witness the landmark moment for Nepalese community members.
The event started with the welcome address, country acknowledgement and guests being acknowledged and welcomed by Anita Bhandari and Anjana Nepal (Hosts of the day). The invited honourable guests who attended the event included:
• Hon. Natalie Hutchins – MP, Minister for Education Minister for Women (Chief Guest)
• Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission (Guest of Honor)
• Kathleen Matthews-Ward MP – Broadmeadows
• Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance Councillor
• Cr Mark Riley, Merri Bek City Councillor and other Councillors present: Monica Harte
• Graeme Kent, Director – Aussie Action Abroad
• Parsuram Sharma-Luital JP Chairperson at Refugee Communities Association of Australia
• DBSV partner organisations – Jenni Smith (CEO- NCLC), Gina Dougall (CEO, Banksia Garden), Catherine Schmidt (Uniting Church)
• Respected Nepalese Community leaders, leaders from multicultural communities, media representatives, and DBSV Advisors.

The welcome remark was followed by Dr Jamuna Parajuli (President, DBSV), giving a brief speech overviewing the book content and the whole process of the book. Then all authors of the book (present) were introduced and invited to the stage along with the Honorable Chief guest Natalie Hutchins- MP and Guest of Honor Vivienne Nguyen for the release of the book. After the launch of the book, short speeches were delivered by our respected and honourable Guest and other guests. Some of the books were handed over to various libraries including State library, Glenroy library, and Merri Bek library. For the handover, Councillors Mark Riley, Sue Bolton and Monica Harte and DBSV advisor were dually invited onto the dais. The book launch also included a blur reading and a brief overview of the book. The session was initiated and facilitated by Roshan Bhandary (DBSV Advisor). For this purpose, four blur readers were Dr Tilak Pokhrel (Nepali story), Barsha KC Rajbhandary, Prabha Shrestha and Geeta Thapa Chhetri.

As the book launch program was one of the DBSV’s campaigns of 16 Days of activism, a short video on DBSV’s work in the past years on raising awareness against family violence was screened. The video reflected various programs and campaigns organised by DBSV from the year 2017 to the present day. The video also highlighted DBSV’s commitment to advocating for women and women-related issues. Technically, Mr Anuj Nepal supported the overall process. And at the end of the program, a brief info video of DBSV work for the last 10 years was also screened, as we celebrate the completion of our 10 years of community work this year. After the screening of the video, the vote of thanks was delivered by Roshani Shrestha, DBSV West Unit Co-ordinator. The light refreshment (from Lumanti), photoshoot and videography (Hemanta Shrestha – Wedding Diaries), feedback and video recording from respectable guests and participants (by Barsha KC Rajbhandary- DBSV executive member and DBSV Melton Unit Coordinator) were some of the other highlights of the launch event.
Overall, the event ended with positive remarks and feedback from all the respected attendees of the program. With all positive remarks and with 100 books being distributed and more enthusiasm to grab the book, the book launch was observed as a success.

Some media coverages:

मन्त्री नातालिए हटचिनसद्धारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलता बिषयमा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन

मन्त्री नातालिए हटचिनसद्धारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलता बिषयमा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन

अष्ट्रेलियामा नेपाली महिलाहरुको संघर्षको कथाहरु समेटिएको पुस्तक सार्वजनिक (तस्वीरहरु)


मन्त्री नातालिए हटचिनसद्धारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलता बिषयमा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन

मन्त्री हटचिनसद्वारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलतामा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन

Few Snapshots

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