Quiz competition among the kids aged between 5-11 years old | 2022

Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV) successfully organised a quiz competition program among kids aged between 5 and 11 years old on the 4th of June 2022 at Glenroy Uniting Church, Glenroy, Victoria. The program was proudly funded by FECCA Small grant Victoria. The major theme of the quiz competition was Covid-19 and vaccination education and awareness. Based on the major theme of the program, the majority of the questions were focused on COVID 19 and COVID 19 vaccination. Hence, the overall objective of the program was to increase the awareness of COVID 19 vaccination among kids and as well as among adult community members including parents.

Furthermore, emphasis was given to the two doses of COVID 19 vaccination among kid groups aged 5-11 years by providing guidance and information on vaccination. More than 90% of the questions from the quiz program were targeted on the COVID 19 vaccination, its importance, procedures, side effects, efficacy, vaccination centres and providers, and covered the COVID 19 infections. A total of 100 questions were prepared in three rounds: Questions in the first round were based on COVID 19 vaccinations only, the second round consisted of questions related to the COVID 19 infections and hygiene-related questions, and the last/third round consisted of general knowledge questions. Quiz questions were carefully designed by a core team of four members (experienced in COVID 19 and its vaccination) from DBSV with careful consideration of the knowledge level and age group of the participants.

Around 30 kids participated in the quiz competition and the program ran for around three hours. The team members were grouped prior to the competition and each team consisted of team members from different aged groups. All the groups had the team members from the 5-to 11 years, to make the competition fairer and more relevant There were in total six groups including five participants in each group (Groups name: Delta, Omicron, Deltacorn, Alpha, SARS and COVID). As the quiz competition was noted to be the first kids’ focused program among Nepalese community members, all the kids and parents were very excited and actively engaged throughout the program.

The first and second winning teams were declared at the end of the program based on their scores in front of everyone. Both winners were awarded trophies and gift cards. Additionally, all the 30 participants got the certificate of participation and a water bottle with DBSV/FECCA logos and a COVID 19 vaccination message. Overall, all the kids and parents enjoyed the whole program with lots of messages and awareness on COVID 19 vaccination. The Facilitators (Mr Chhavi Raman Chaulagain and Mr Ananta Homagain) and the panel members (Dr Jamuna Parajuli, President DBSV and Reeta Lamichhane, program Coordinator) answered the questions raised during the sessions. The questions were simplified to make everyone understand and translated to the Nepalese language where needed. Furthermore, all the posters from the “Kids Art Activities” on 23rd April 2022 were displayed around the hall. Kids were happy to see their art and some of them took it home saying that they wanted to keep their art with them at home. Moreover, the posters with information on RAT testing, COVID 19 vaccination, and COVID 19 infection in the Nepalese language were displayed around the hall. The RAT kits were also distributed among the attendees at the end of the session.

Nearly 80 people actively attended the program including 30 participants from the Nepalese community from all around Melbourne. Parents have thanked DBSV for organising such a creative and knowledge-based program for kids, and have also encouraged to continue such a highly effective program for the kids regularly in future. It was a mix of fun, achievement, learning, socialising and creative thinking. It was a successful team activity from DBSV and FECCA small grant for the Nepalese community in Victoria. DBSV would like to heartily thank all the parents who attended the program and brought their children to the quiz program.

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DBSV Team!


Few Snapshots

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