DBSV Executive Committee Members 2023- 2025 : New Committee Announcement

Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria is pleased to welcome and congratulates the new executive team! We are thrilled to have you all on the board and can’t wait to see all you accomplish. We look forward to growing alongside and sharing many laughs, wins, and successes with you all.
Congratulations and once again warmest welcome and best wishes!
1. President: Roshani Shrestha
2. Vice president: Nirmala Nyaupane
3. Secretary: Anjana Nepal
4. Co-secretary: Lina Gubaju
5. Treasurer: Benju Gnawali
6. Co-Treasurer: Reeta Lamichhane Chaulagain
7. Member: Prabha Shrestha
8. Member: Anita Bhandari
9. Member: Tirth Basnet
10. Member: Manorama Shah
11. Member: Smriti Ghimire
12. Member: Shova Lamsal
13. Member: Kamala Chalise Homagain
14. Member: Barsha KC Rajbhandary
15. Member: Geeta Thapa Chhetri
16. Member: Anju Adhikari
17. Member: Durga Parajuli
Best wishes and congratulations Roshani Shrestha (President) and the entire team.


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