“Empowering Women’s Lives through Women’s Entrepreneurship”- 2021

DBSV is delighted to announce an innovative new program, “Empowering Women’s Lives through Women’s Entrepreneurship”. There are many Nepalese women in the community having exceptional talents and skills as well as knowledge and experiences brought from back home. Due to a lack of networking, encouragement and supportive team, the skills and talents are disappearing day by day. The existence of such an issue for a long period of time can be detrimental to the community development program of the country.
DBSV’s important objective is to empower women through economic empowerment. Given that, a group of energetic Nepalese women approached to form the women’s entrepreneurship platform on a sustainable basis. As the starting point of the project, a road map of this project will be developed and an expression of interest will be collected from local women’s groups, they will be expanded across the Greater Melbourne. Given the nature of the project, and the topography of Nepal, the uplifting of the economy and social leadership status of women is a challenge.

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