DBSV TEEJ Celebration 2022

‘DBSV Teej Celebration 2022’ – “Preserving Culture- Raising Hope”.

About this event: Since 2014 every year DBSV has been celebrating Teej as a part of the DBSV’s vision to promote Nepalese culture and tradition here in Australia. Teej is the most famous festival among Nepali women. Given that we strive to celebrate Teej to provide an opportunity for all women to enjoy their womanhood, the richness of cultural essence and diversity through dancing and singing. Moreover, we endeavour to support women to boost their confidence and well-being with a dance performance and to enhance the spirit of unity among women. While we are celebrating our wonderful festival here in Australian land, we are also aiming to support vulnerable women in the Mid-western region of Nepal with the theme of Preserving Culture Raising Hope.

Through the Teej event, we also aim to raise hope and endowment to assist women in Nepal who are victims/survivors of sexual assault and rape. We intend to reintegrate those women and girls into society to prevent further exploitation and to curtail the risks of assaults, emotional abuse, neglect, and violence from society.

DBSV is so proud that we were able to support and restore the lives of more than 110 women and girls in the Mid-western region of Nepal through our last 7 Teej events. Hence, part of the fund raised from the event has been donated every year to support the same cause on an ongoing basis. Our support would bear the cost for the provision of safe short-term crisis accommodation, and support for other essential services such as legal advice, medical treatment, counselling, family, and social mediation process, and vocational education. For the provision of these services, we are closely working in partnership with AAWAJ (a profound local NGO working in family violence in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal). DBSV highly believes that our commitment to support signifies a lot to raising new hope and aspirations in the lives of those women and girls in Nepal and on the other hand rendering lots of satisfaction among women (Teej-celebrants) here in Australia.

Like every year, this year DBSV Teej Celebration was held on 19th August 2022 at Coburg Townhall, at 4:30 pm with the presence of more than 500 Nepalese women and distinguished guests from different local bodies.

Event Purpose:
* To provide an opportunity for all women to enjoy womanhood and the richness of cultural essence and diversity through dancing, singing, cultural performances, and connection.
* To support vulnerable women in the Mid-western region of Nepal with the theme of Preserving Culture Raising Hope. Hence, part of the fund raised from the event will be donated to support survivors of sexual assault and its prevention in Nepal.

Event Highlights: Cultural dance performances by various unit groups and group floor dance, music, free Photo booth, free instant photo printing service, free face painting and kids’ engagement, traditional Teej show by Ama-haru (elder mothers) and Authentic Nepalese food, a showcase of cultural clothes, ornaments and jewellery.
This 2022 Teej celebration happened to be more special than previous as this time DBSV heartily welcome men as well to promote the brotherhood not only the sisterhood or to strengthen the bond between sisterhood and brotherhood. This 2022 Teej event focused on each age group people. There was a separate entertainment section for the child that includes face painting and other recreational activities.

The feedback from event participants and their engagements, joy specifies a high level of happiness and gratitude. There were many positive remarks about the DBSV Teej celebration, the objectives behind the celebration, and the organization, structure and process of the program.

Few Snapshots

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