Women wellbeing program with fun in Geelong, Victoria.

DBSV, Geelong unit with the Grant provided by City Greater Geelong organized Zumba class with facilitator Bina Bhandari and cultural dance facilitator, Kalpana Dhungel from 5 pm till 7 pm at Wesley uniting church, 100 Yaara street, Geelong where we had 30 participants. One more Zumba class and dance class to go next Thursday at the same time same venue. Dinner always provided. We would like to thank Social worker, Gyanendra Uprety for arranging the venue free of charge, Mr.Ram Kumar Shrestha for Logistic Support and Prabha Shrestha, Barsha KC Rajbhandary and Raj Shrestha for overall support throughout.

Few Snapshots

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