My experience with DBSV

Youngest sibling out of 8, born and lived at the heart of Kathmandu city with schooling dine in St.Mary’s High School and Diploma in Pulchowck Engineering College, people know me as Barsha Rajbhandary KC. I am the executive of Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria. I have a keen passion for community services and am very much involved in community leadership and volunteering. I believe that we all have our obligations to give back to the community as a community member ourselves. Hence, I have been involved and lead the fundraising programs, small events and gatherings that directly benefits the society, such as fundraising for Nepal’s earthquake victims, domestic violence workshops, mother’s day and some training in the community groups. I have recently been graduated in leadership training organised by Melton City Council groups which increased my confidence.

My affiliation with DBSV was a pleasant surprise and a sweet coincident. As an executive member of DBSV, I have initiated, supported, contributed in almost majority of the events held to support and empower the women yet learnt so much more from those experiences. At present, I am leading the newly expanded Melton unit in the western corridor of Melbourne which has various programs planned for this year following two grants received from Melton City Council. These programs are to benefit the multiple communities directly. As I believe in self-motivation and teamwork, move forward along with mission and vision, nothing seems unachievable. With the active support to and from the community, quick goals in action, I pledge to move with the values received from my families and my country. I am always grateful to Didibahini samaj Victoria for initiating these moves in Victoria and in Nepal.
Best wishes to all and peace and happiness to humankind.


Barsha Raj Bhandari

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