International Women’s Day 2018

The IWD 2018 was celebrated with global theme “Press for Progress”. There is a strong call to action to press for progress motivating and uniting friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive(

Being a women’s only organization celebration of IWD is a great cause and motivation for Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV).

Objectives of the program
• The major objective of the day was to inform, encourage and provide motivation, moral and social support to Nepalese women to exercise their potential to reach the economic, social, cultural and political success in line with theme of IWD 2018.

• Provide platform to share and celebrate achievement Nepalese women are making in this new land.

Activities Details

The program commenced with welcome speech from MS Parajuli, president of DBSV followed by best wishes from chief Guest Mr Yonzon, consulate General of Nepal to Victoria. Ms Parajuli shared her experience and joy of her recognition as a recipient of Multicultural Excellence Award by Moreland city council 2018, an inspiration to Nepalese women to further their milestone in this new home.

The program was able to bring out the issues that are unique to migrant Nepalese women of Victoria via a short role play and news headlines. Nepalese women are facing the burden of dual role player as a mother, care taker and family bread winner here in Australia.

The program has also provided some fun and refreshment activities to the community by various cultural music mainly related to women’s empowerment such as ‘Jaga Jaga Nari’with group dance.
Basic circus show performed by Women’s circus group was also enjoyed by observer.

Few Snapshots

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  1. Prabha Shrestha says:

    Jharana is one of the admirable team member of the DBSV, who has put incredible time, effort and technical expertise to develop this DBSV’s website. Salute to Jharana.

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