DBSV Two-Day Mother’s Day Retreat Program 2022

Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV) organized a two-day Women’s retreat program from 27 to 28th May 2022 in honour of Mother’s Day. 53 enthusiastic Nepalese sisters participated in the program including the DBSV program organising committee team members. The program involved one night’s stay at Halls Gap, which is a village in Victoria, Australia. It is a gateway to Grampians National Park, known for its sandstone mountains, wildflowers and wildlife including echidnas and wallabies. Park trails lead to waterfalls, such as MacKenzie Falls, Silverband Falls and Clematis Falls Walk. This landscape of Halls Gap was similar to our country, Nepal

The main theme of the program was “Beyond Happiness”.

The main objectives of a two-day retreat program were to promote well-being and self-care strategies among sisters through Meditation, and thematic talks, build a network and connection among diverse Nepalese sisters living in Victoria and provide recreation and entertainment through activities such as dancing, cooking sessions, social media engagement and fun activities sessions, understand and highlight the importance of nature by engaging in activities such as forest walking, nature trails and fire camping sessions and to empower independence in sisters by engaging in meaningful conversations, team-building exercises and through the Beyond Happiness sessions.

DBSV’s two-day retreat program included various activities to achieve the program activities including innovative introduction sessions, a brief session about happiness hormones followed by an online session about happiness and well-being talks, a nature walk, meditation, dance, music and many more.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time away in the Australian bush and participation in the activities. It reaffirmed DBSV’s commitment through activities to its objectives, values and guiding principles for focusing on its endeavours.

The three survey results show how much participants enjoyed and benefited from this trip.

More details are to be provided in the final report. 

DBSV Facebook Photo album

Few Snapshots

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