DBSV handed over AUD 4,000 for victim survivors of FV in Nepal

DBSV organized a handover program in the park on 29 Nov 2020 to give (virtually) AUD 4,000 raised to support victim-survivors of family violence in Nepal and coincided with the occasion of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

In the last five DBSV Teej programs, the entry fee that was collected creatively used to support to meet the needs of women and girls who are victim-survivors of sexual assault/family violence in the Mid-Western part of Nepal. The amount was varying every year with the highest of AUD 4000 sent last year. This year we were expecting to send $5000, but sadly it deemed impossible to celebrate our Teej due to the current restrictions imposed with the COVID pandemic. Consequently, recent data in Nepal showed a significant increase in sexual violence during this pandemic requiring even more urgent support. Therefore, we felt even more obliged to fulfill our commitment to support.

Amidst Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne this year, we tried to use an alternative source to raise funds and reaching out to you all with the special request to expand your generous heart and support our commitments of helping those women and girls. With your support, we generated over AUD 3,500 for this noble cause over the month of September and October from members, patrons, and well-wishers who gifted us this Teej with generous donations.

For more information, check facebook Live:

Few Snapshots

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