DBSV Celebrating 10th Anniversary (2022)

DBSV is the first and only Nepalese women’s organisation in Victoria, Australia. DBSV has been a common platform for all Nepalese women for the last 10 years and later for multicultural women. The journey started in 2012 by a group of strong active Nepalese women who were committed to playing an active role in achieving gender equality and women empowerment where prevention of FV is a cross-cutting agenda of DBSV. Now we have expanded statewide including in regional Victoria with 15 units, 1 advisory committee and 1 EC committee. Now we have 156 committee members.
The organisation is guided by social justice principles; access, equity, participation and empowerment (advocacy, diversity, and supportive environment). And driven by the important value of compassion, courage, respect, and change.
In these last 10 years, DBSV touched thousands of hearts and souls in Nepalese as well as broader multicultural communities. We believe that the overall impact of DBSV’s programs and activities has been exceptionally outstanding for our community and women in particular and we strongly hope to be able to magnify more from here.

We would like to thank each of our team members, volunteers, community leaders and community organisation partners who supported us over the year.

Few Snapshots

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