Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV) in association with the Department of Health and Human Services, State Government of Victoria, Australia organized and facilitated the Covid-19 vaccination virtual information session for the Nepalese community members addressing various aspects of the COVID-19, Covid vaccinations and vaccine roll-out program in Australia. The objectives of the information session were to update Nepalese community members about the latest updates on the COVID-19 vaccination and vaccine-related concerns and to discuss various aspects of Covid-19.
The COVID-19 vaccine information session took place on 24th July 2021 via Zoom. The online platform brought together more than 50 participants including community leaders, health professionals, students and other Nepalese community members. The info session was successfully led by prominent doctors and health experts. Participants were given opportunities to raise their concerns and queries related to Covid-19 and Covid vaccinations on various occasions. The session’s opening remarks and the country’s acknowledgement were delivered by Lina Gubhaju, Executive member of DBSV followed by the introduction of guest speakers and a welcome speech by Nirmala Nyaupane, Executive member of DBSV. Dr Jamuna Parajuli (President of DBSV) joined the panel and took the opportunity to discuss the objectives of the info session and to present all other DBSV’s Covid related projects and achievements carried out or those in progress.
The session was then successfully led by Dr Raju Adhikari, Director, CRAM Responsive Polymers PTY LTD. Consultant Cytomatrix PTY LTD, Consultant, Foldax PTY LTD. Hon Fellow, CSIRO Manufacturing, A/Prof school pf Science, RMIT University. Dr Adhikari facilitated a PowerPoint Presentation covering various topics of Covid-19 including possible symptoms of Covid-19 and safety measures, COVID-19 Vaccine, its efficacy, importance, common side effects and other information related to the vaccine rollout program in Victoria. Dr Raju Adhikari was joined by Dr Prathana Kunwar K.C (GP, MBBS, FRACGP) and Dr Chandra Deepak Pokharel (MBBS, FRACGP, GP Northcote Medical Group and east Doncaster Medical Group) who added additional information to the topic and answered queries related to the Covid vaccine including overall vaccination trends in Victoria and the situation regarding the Covid vaccine, its importance and potential side effects and challenges post-vaccination. Further, the health professionals also noted the need and prominence of vaccinations urging everyone to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their near ones and prevent community spread. The closing remark of the session and vote of thanks was delivered by Mamata K.C, an Active Member of DBSV. The online session ended with positive remarks as an engaging and interactive session. The success of the session was evident by the high level of engagement of participants. The online session was broadcasted live via DBSV’s Facebook page and the session reached around 900 audiences.


Few Snapshots

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