COVID-19 Vaccination Education via ‘KIDS ART ACTIVITIES’ 2022

Kids Art Activities

COVID -19 vaccination Education and Awareness via Kids art Activities

DBSV organised a Kids’ art activity program proudly funded by FECCA small grant, Victoria on 23rd April 2022 at Coburg Lake Park, North Coburg, Victoria. This program was conducted to increase awareness and understanding of COVID 19 and its vaccination among the aged group 5 and 11 years old, and their parents. Nearly 100 people participated in the program including 45 kids aged 5-11 years old.

All the kids actively participated in the art activities to draw a portrait of their understanding of COVID 19 and its vaccination and how it has impacted their childhood via the art. Surprisingly, most of the kids have a basic understanding of the COVID 19 virus, its symptoms, hand hygiene and mask. Some of them also illustrated the COVID 19 vaccination in their portray. One of the kids explained how hard it was to do homeschooling and then to go back to school with a mask when it opened, and she explained it through her drawing.  In the same program, kids also played a hot potato game with a spiky ball assuming the ball is COVID 19 virus, and no one likes it, so whoever gets the ball has to pass it to another person so that they don’t get the virus. Music was played and when stopped, whoever has the ball was out of the game. The last three winners were recognised with some gifts for their encouragement and their active participation. It was a mix of fun and education for kids. Hand hygiene was reminded in-between the game.

At the same event, the program coordinator Ms Reeta Lamichhane demonstrated the RAT testing procedure focusing on the correct way of testing without contamination, its time and reporting when tested positive. Additionally, Ms Kamala Homagain (Immuniser and COVID 19 vaccinator from DPV health) provided education on COVID 19 vaccination (second and booster dose, vaccination sites and booking, managing minor side effects, and reporting the adverse events if happened), especially for the kid’s aged group between 5-11 years old. She also addressed the questions raised by the parents regarding the vaccination.

Overall, the program was highly effective in ensuring all the community people have a good understanding of the COVID 19 vaccination. Especially children were very excited as this was the only program focusing on kids of this age group where they can play, laugh, run, educate, and share their experiences. One of the parents said “thank you for organising this art activity, my daughter is very happy to participate in this art program. I wasn’t aware that she has the talent to show her understanding via art. In the beginning, I was thinking it is just the usual kids’ activity, but found kids are very creative and talented to be able to transform their feelings via art”. Most of the parents were grateful to see their kid’s active participation and to visualise their art along with education and awareness.


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