Presentation by Peter Khalil, MP in Federal Parliament Highlights DBSV Achievements and Impact

Presentation by Peter Khalil, MP in Federal Parliament Highlights DBSV Achievements and Impact

Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV) had the honour of being the focal point of a presentation delivered by Peter Khalil, MP, a prominent Member of the Australian Federal Parliament in Federal Parliament. The presentation aimed to shed light on our organization’s contributions, achievements, and the positive impact we have made in the community and beyond.

The presentation by Peter Khalil, MP was not only a testament to the hard work and dedication of DBSV but also an opportunity to showcase our achievements and the difference we make in people’s lives. We are incredibly grateful for the recognition and support from the federal government and remain committed to our mission and organisation goals.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to Peter Khalil, MP and his team for their continued support and for acknowledging the valuable contributions of DBSV to the community and the nation at large.


International Women’s Day Celebration 2024- Casey and Eastern Region

DBSV Casey Unit had organised an IWD celebration together with the DBSV Eastern Unit on the  3rd of March in Cranbourne East. The program was organised to inspire women and promote inclusion. Four women entrepreneurs participated in a panel of discussions where successful women entrepreneurs shared their experiences; including initial challenges they had faced and how they had overcome those challenges to become the successful women entrepreneur. 
there were trivia and games in where all the participants were actively involved.
DBSV would like to thank each one of the participants for attending the Program.
DBSV also would like to extend a hearty vote of thanks to program supporter Casey City Council.

Strengthening Respectful And Equal Relationship 2023

The number of Nepalese migrant communities in Victoria is projected to be more than 30,000 and is further predicted to increase. The migrant communities including the first generation are vulnerable to multiple aspects like Language, cultural shock, and settling in a completely new environment. This vulnerability exposes the migrant communities to domestic violence. Family violence in the Nepalese community is taboo and is not talked about. In addition, COVID-19 has added much to the family violence and abuse. Entrenched patriarchal values, victim blaming, lack of English skills, family and community pressure, social stigma, and lack of the awareness of law and support system deter victims/survivors from accessing early intervention support resulting in intervention by law enforcement (Police /Court) in crises. There is a need to educate the communities about the drivers of Family Violence to prevent violence before it occurs.

To address the issues explained above, this project with funding support from VMC completed three awareness-raising workshops entitled “Strengthening Respectful and Equal Relationships” in three locations (in the City of Casey Area, Wyndham City Council area and Bendigo). We screened DBSV’s produced short movie “Aba Ta Ma Bolchu” translated as “I will now speak” and “Change the Story; discussed the factors of self-respect and what leads to disrespect that escalates to family violence; explained the statistics of domestic violence and run group work asking participants the three key areas that they would think improves the respectful relationship.

A total of 160 participants were directly benefitted from the workshop conducted in three suburbs of Victoria.

Key highlights and major outcomes of the projects are:

  1. Three workshops conducted in Eastern, Western and Northern suburb of Vitoria namely – The City of Casey Area, Wyndham Area and Bendigo area. The workshop was organized in 7th Oct, 4th Nov and 2nd Dec 2023 in three areas in Victoria.
  2. A total of 160 Nepalese Migrant Communities, age ranging between 18-70 years old, were directly benefitted from this project. Of the total participants 70% were female and 30% were male.
  3. A total of 11 Group work in three workshops recommended 11 key actions to enhance and improve respectful relationship to help reduce domestic violence.

DBSV Teej Celebration 2023 ‘Preserving Culture- Raising Hope’

DBSV Celebrated Teej with Great Enthusiasm

Since 2014 every year DBSV has been celebrating Teej as a part of the DBSV’s vision to promote Nepalese culture and tradition here in Australia. We strive to celebrate Teej to provide an opportunity for all women to enjoy their womanhood, the richness of cultural essence and diversity through dancing and singing. Moreover, we endeavour to support women to boost their confidence and well-being with a dance performance and to enhance the spirit of unity among women. Through the Teej event, we also aim to raise hope and endowment to assist women in Nepal who are victims/survivors of sexual assault and rape. We intend to reintegrate those women and girls into society to prevent further exploitation and to curtail the risks of assaults, emotional abuse, neglect, and violence from society. DBSV is so proud that we were able to support and restore the lives of more than 125 women and girls in the Mid-western region of Nepal through our last 8 Teej events. For these, we are closely working in partnership with AAWAJ (a profound local NGO working on family violence in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal.

Event details: Teej is one of DBSV’s major cultural celebrations with the theme of ‘Preserving Culture- Raising Hope’. Celebration of Teej has been creating a win-win situation. On one hand, we are celebrating our culture here in Australia and on the other hand, we are making efforts to support women in Nepal who have been the survivor of sexual assault (rape). Like every year, this year the festival of Teej was celebrated with great enthusiasm by DBSV on 26th August 2023 at Coburg Townhall with the presence of more than 600 Nepalese women and distinguished guests from different local bodies and organisations. It was a gala time for all the Nepalese community members as they performed with the true essence of the traditional clothes, values, folk dances, and songs to mark the occasion.

Event Highlights: The event started with informal program and cultural activities including cultural dance performances by various unit groups and group floor dance, music, free Photo booth, free instant photo printing service, free face painting and kids’ engagement. The formal program of the event started at 6pm with country acknowledgement, inaugural speech by program host Jyoti Khatiwada followed by welcome dance performance on the stage by honourable chief guest, valuable guest attendees, Nepalese community leaders, event partner, event sponsors and DBSV Advisor s (present). After the welcome dance, formal program host Anita Bhandari and Jyoti Khatiwada welcomed and greeted the honourable chief guest, other special guests including Nepalese Community leaders from various community organisation and event sponsors:
• Kathleen Mathew Ward State Labor Candidate for Broadmeadows (Chief Guest)
• Vivienne Nguyen, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission
• Sue Bolton- Socialist Alliance candidate for the Labor-held seat of Wills.
• Mr Essan Dileri – Team Leader Diversity and Intercultural Development, Melton City Council
• Monica Harte – Councellor Merri Bek Council
• Gandhi Bhattarai, President, Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre
• Mrs Laxmi Yonzon , Representative – Nepal General Consulate Office
• Catherine Schmidt, Uniting Church Glenroy
• Sadia, Voice of Australia
• Parsuram Sharma Luital, Multicultural Liaison Officer at Victoria Police, Community Advocate

DBSV Teej Sponsor and Supporter
1.Title sponsor /Event Partner Expert Education and Visa Services Melbourne, Australia “Rely on Expert”
2.Gold Sponsor: Ratna Jewellers: Nepali Jewelry Store, Melbourne Australia and GuideStar Training and Professional Services Pty Ltd
3. Sponsor/Catering Partner:Lumanti Melbourne ‘The Taste of Remembrance’
4. Other Sponsors:Buddha Travel & Tours Pty. Ltd, Magic Momo Kafe, Green Leaf Landscaping & Gardening
Pravin Patel, Indreni – Grocery.Meat.Veggie Shop Melbourne, Victoria, Your Dream Home ‘Conveyancing’ PTY LTD (Pravat Paudel – Licensed Conveyancer
5. Photography and Videography Partner Captured Moment- The Photo Factory – Photography
Subind Creation- Videographer Mr Subash Bastakoti
6. Decoration Partner Kathmandu Décor- Krishna Pyakurel, Women Entrepreneur
7. Dj Partner Dj Neil -Sunil Parajuli

After the acknowledgement of event guests and sponsor, the program continued by the welcome speech conveyed by organisation President Roshani Shrestha which was followed by speech from event Chief Guest Ms Kathleen Mathews. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Kathleen highlighted the DBSV purpose for Teej celebration and threw light on the significance of fund raised through event to support victim survivors in Nepal. The formal event ended with a vote of thanks by organisation Vice-president Nirmal Nyaupane. After formal event, the Teej celebration continued with floor dance and music, and musical performances by Nepalese renowned Guest artists Ravi Oad (Nepali Idol, Singer and musician) and Anita Chalaune (Singer). The guest artist performed various songs which every event attendee thoroughly enjoyed. The performances included folk and classical music which were treat for the eyes and ears for the audience.
Another important aspect of the Teej event was the showcase of Nepalese women entrepreneurs. Through the event, DBSV aimed to acknowledge and highlight the Nepalese women entrepreneurs (who were introduced during our 2022 International Women’s Day). This event aimed to provide them with an opportunity to share their expertise and to encourage female entrepreneurs by showcasing and promoting their entrepreneurship among community members. Women entrepreneurs present at the event exhibited their products.
Authentic Nepalese food from Lumanti Melbourne, a showcase of cultural clothes, ornaments and jewellery, raffle ticket were some of the other highlights of this year Teej event. At the very end of the event, the raffle winner announcement session was organised where representative from our title sponsor/event partner Surya Pokhrel from Expert Education and Visa Services Melbourne and our Gold sponsor, Ratna Jewellers were duly invited to facilitated the selection and announcement of winner’s name. As a raffle gift this year we had Gold tilari ‘Necklace’ from Ratna Jewellers and 3 gift hampers from our title sponsor. After the announcement of name of the respective winners, the programme officially concluded at 10pm with the joyful song and folk dances by attendees.
The feedback from event participants and their engagements, joy specifies a high level of happiness and gratitude. There were many positive remarks about the DBSV Teej celebration, the objectives behind the celebration, and the organization, structure and process of the program.

DBSV Advisory Committee Members 2023- 2025 : New Committee Announcement

Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria is delighted to welcome the new advisory board!

Congratulations from the whole DBSV team. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you on our side.
Congratulations and once again warmest welcome and best wishes!
1. Dr Jamuna Parajuli
2. Sanjana Shrestha
3. Roshan Bhandary
4. Tina Lindan
5. Dr Ann Marie Digin
6. Cathrine Schmidt
7. Dr Jharana Bhattarai

DBSV Executive Committee Members 2023- 2025 : New Committee Announcement

Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria is pleased to welcome and congratulates the new executive team! We are thrilled to have you all on the board and can’t wait to see all you accomplish. We look forward to growing alongside and sharing many laughs, wins, and successes with you all.
Congratulations and once again warmest welcome and best wishes!
1. President: Roshani Shrestha
2. Vice president: Nirmala Nyaupane
3. Secretary: Anjana Nepal
4. Co-secretary: Lina Gubaju
5. Treasurer: Benju Gnawali
6. Co-Treasurer: Reeta Lamichhane Chaulagain
7. Member: Prabha Shrestha
8. Member: Anita Bhandari
9. Member: Tirth Basnet
10. Member: Manorama Shah
11. Member: Smriti Ghimire
12. Member: Shova Lamsal
13. Member: Kamala Chalise Homagain
14. Member: Barsha KC Rajbhandary
15. Member: Geeta Thapa Chhetri
16. Member: Anju Adhikari
17. Member: Durga Parajuli
Best wishes and congratulations Roshani Shrestha (President) and the entire team.


DBSV Book Launch Program 2022

DBSV proudly launched book “‘NEPALESE WOMEN’S TALES OF RESILIENCE’ on 10 December 2022 at Glenroy Community Hub.

‘Nepalese Women’s Tales of Resilience’ is a book that aims to collect and share intimate stories of adversity, resilience and growth of Nepalese immigrant women in Australia. The concept of the book emerged during 2021’s 16 days of campaigns against gender-based violence. During the event ‘Knitting- The New Me’, women who participated in the project shared their stories as a part of knitting and connecting. Then that took us on to the next step: publishing the book. The concept and purpose were formed and finalised. The purpose of this book is to explore and share the life stories and experiences of Nepalese immigrant women and their resilience in Australia. The book also intended to highlight immigrant women’s experiences of both marginalization, struggle, isolation, racism, adversity, and their courage, the unique resilience, strength, hope, inspiration, and resourcefulness that helped them to overcome the situation, to claim their place and to live a meaningful life.

Feedback was taken from the following guests who attended the event:

• Hon. Natalie Hutchins – MP, Minister for Education, Minister for Women (Chief
• Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission
(Guest of Honor)
• Kathleen Matthews-Ward MP – Broadmeadows
• Cr Mark Riley, Merri Bek City Councillor
• Cr Sue Bolton, Merribek City Councillor
• Cr Monica Harte, Merribek City Councillor
• Graeme Kent, Director – Aussie Action Abroad
• Jenni Smith, CEO- Northern Legal Community Centre and
• Pherina Tuaiti, Torres Strait Islander Community Leader

The guests were interviewed by DBSV EC member Barsha KC Rajbhandary and video was recorded and edited by Dr. Tilak Pokharel.

DBSV Celebrating 10th Anniversary (2022)

DBSV is the first and only Nepalese women’s organisation in Victoria, Australia. DBSV has been a common platform for all Nepalese women for the last 10 years and later for multicultural women. The journey started in 2012 by a group of strong active Nepalese women who were committed to playing an active role in achieving gender equality and women empowerment where prevention of FV is a cross-cutting agenda of DBSV. Now we have expanded statewide including in regional Victoria with 15 units, 1 advisory committee and 1 EC committee. Now we have 156 committee members.
The organisation is guided by social justice principles; access, equity, participation and empowerment (advocacy, diversity, and supportive environment). And driven by the important value of compassion, courage, respect, and change.
In these last 10 years, DBSV touched thousands of hearts and souls in Nepalese as well as broader multicultural communities. We believe that the overall impact of DBSV’s programs and activities has been exceptionally outstanding for our community and women in particular and we strongly hope to be able to magnify more from here.

We would like to thank each of our team members, volunteers, community leaders and community organisation partners who supported us over the year.

Didi Bahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV) Introduction Video


DBSV organized the book launch program ‘Nepalese Women’s Tales of Resilience’. The event was organized at Glenroy Community Hub on the 10th of December 2022. An enthusiastic crowd of more than 50 amazing people including invited honourable guests, respectable community leaders and beloved DBSV committee members and volunteers (from the DBSV youth project) gathered together in great anticipation to celebrate and witness the landmark moment for Nepalese community members.
The event started with the welcome address, country acknowledgement and guests being acknowledged and welcomed by Anita Bhandari and Anjana Nepal (Hosts of the day). The invited honourable guests who attended the event included:
• Hon. Natalie Hutchins – MP, Minister for Education Minister for Women (Chief Guest)
• Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultural Commission (Guest of Honor)
• Kathleen Matthews-Ward MP – Broadmeadows
• Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance Councillor
• Cr Mark Riley, Merri Bek City Councillor and other Councillors present: Monica Harte
• Graeme Kent, Director – Aussie Action Abroad
• Parsuram Sharma-Luital JP Chairperson at Refugee Communities Association of Australia
• DBSV partner organisations – Jenni Smith (CEO- NCLC), Gina Dougall (CEO, Banksia Garden), Catherine Schmidt (Uniting Church)
• Respected Nepalese Community leaders, leaders from multicultural communities, media representatives, and DBSV Advisors.

The welcome remark was followed by Dr Jamuna Parajuli (President, DBSV), giving a brief speech overviewing the book content and the whole process of the book. Then all authors of the book (present) were introduced and invited to the stage along with the Honorable Chief guest Natalie Hutchins- MP and Guest of Honor Vivienne Nguyen for the release of the book. After the launch of the book, short speeches were delivered by our respected and honourable Guest and other guests. Some of the books were handed over to various libraries including State library, Glenroy library, and Merri Bek library. For the handover, Councillors Mark Riley, Sue Bolton and Monica Harte and DBSV advisor were dually invited onto the dais. The book launch also included a blur reading and a brief overview of the book. The session was initiated and facilitated by Roshan Bhandary (DBSV Advisor). For this purpose, four blur readers were Dr Tilak Pokhrel (Nepali story), Barsha KC Rajbhandary, Prabha Shrestha and Geeta Thapa Chhetri.

As the book launch program was one of the DBSV’s campaigns of 16 Days of activism, a short video on DBSV’s work in the past years on raising awareness against family violence was screened. The video reflected various programs and campaigns organised by DBSV from the year 2017 to the present day. The video also highlighted DBSV’s commitment to advocating for women and women-related issues. Technically, Mr Anuj Nepal supported the overall process. And at the end of the program, a brief info video of DBSV work for the last 10 years was also screened, as we celebrate the completion of our 10 years of community work this year. After the screening of the video, the vote of thanks was delivered by Roshani Shrestha, DBSV West Unit Co-ordinator. The light refreshment (from Lumanti), photoshoot and videography (Hemanta Shrestha – Wedding Diaries), feedback and video recording from respectable guests and participants (by Barsha KC Rajbhandary- DBSV executive member and DBSV Melton Unit Coordinator) were some of the other highlights of the launch event.
Overall, the event ended with positive remarks and feedback from all the respected attendees of the program. With all positive remarks and with 100 books being distributed and more enthusiasm to grab the book, the book launch was observed as a success.

Some media coverages:

मन्त्री नातालिए हटचिनसद्धारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलता बिषयमा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन

मन्त्री नातालिए हटचिनसद्धारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलता बिषयमा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन

अष्ट्रेलियामा नेपाली महिलाहरुको संघर्षको कथाहरु समेटिएको पुस्तक सार्वजनिक (तस्वीरहरु)


मन्त्री नातालिए हटचिनसद्धारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलता बिषयमा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन

मन्त्री हटचिनसद्वारा मेलबर्नमा महिला संघर्ष र सफलतामा केन्द्रित पुस्तक बिमोचन